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I started writing 'Getting Started with OrthoK' to bridge the chasm between OrthoK beginner and confident practitioner. There is a vibrant and growing community of OrthoK fitters around the world, supported by professional societies and regular conferences. There is also a larger world of practitioners who want to extend their learning above and beyond, and in their own time. OrthoK is an incredibly rewarding aspect of contact lens practice for the clinician and the patient, and I aim to provide a comprehensive, evidence based and most importantly approachable foundation to OrthoK fitting for every practitioner to start their journey.

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Chapter outline


To give a glimpse into the OrthoK journey ahead I am compiling the draft contents of the book into a blog and will continue to add further blogs as I tidy up and convert the draft pages towards their final published form. 

If you like what you read in the blog you are going to love the book, which will curate all of the information and images plus much more. The blogs also give you an opportunity to have your say – just comment on any blog to point out any omissions, errors or additions that you would like included in the final book and I will make sure to take your comments into consideration.  

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About the author

What makes me qualified to write this book? My first introduction to OrthoK was in my birth country, England in the late 90's where I started fitting them. Roll forward nearly a decade and I set sail for Sydney to start a new life as a PhD candidate researching hyperopic OrthoK under the supervision of Prof Helen Swarbrick at the Research in Orthokeratology (ROK) GroupUniversity of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney.

Graduating in 2009, I stayed at the ROK Group for a further three years as a post doctoral researcher to investigate using OrthoK to correct presbyopia. I have since moved to Brisbane where, while holding an adjunct Senior Lecturer at UNSW, and still actively involved with the UNSW ROK Group, my work hovers somewhere between researcher, optometrist and software developer, with a hefty dash of contact lens R&D thrown in.

Over 30 years of experience has given me an unparalleled blend of clinical experience, research expertise and technical know-how of contact lens design and manufacture including: Clinical contact lens research; designing innovative software solutions to assist both eye care practitioners and contact lens labs; and applying cutting edge machine learning algorithms to streamline and simplify contact lens fitting for practitioners.

I am a renowned peer educator and professional leader with a mission to improve eye care delivery worldwide by supporting optometrists’ clinical knowledge and processes. In my spare time I am an avid runner, future-gazing tech fanatic, cooking enthusiast, Dad of two and Husband of one.